The symphonic metal band from Sarajevo, THE LOUDEST SILENCE released their debut album called ‘Aesthetic Illusion’ in 2018. The band represented Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries from ex-Yugoslavia at the Wacken Metal Battle as part of the WACKEN OPEN AIR festival in 2015- It was formed back in 2010. by the singer Taida and the keyboarder Denijal. Currently based in Munich, Germany and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the debut record that contains more than 60 minutes of music, the band managed to host 5 guest musicians from different music genres but is proudest of having Mark Jansen of the mighty EPICA as an additional vocalist on the track ‘Gallery Of Wonders’.

The album ‘Aesthetic Illusion’ is partly a concept record, since most of the songs are about the immortality of ideas, dreams, art and love, even though the society often does not approve of them, or even condemns them. The message of the album is to believe in yourself, no matter what, and follow your dreams and ideas.

The band currently works on new music.

Band members:

Taida Nazraic – Vocals


Denijal Catovic – Keyboards & Orchestration


Dzemal Bijedic – Bass & Backing Vocals