The Core

The Core

Horrors of their play, neverending game

that made freedom and truth dissolve into their frame

Ignorance with pride, rising day by day

And with that the power that grinds them to dust

from which they came, Blood-stained

never to find home

living in the memory and terrors of time

Poison running through their veins, where all chains are being forged

and where love and peace is torn away

from their defencelessness

burning day by day

cursed from the birth, doomed from the cradle

torn [from the bleeding womb]

Changeless past where deep silence lies

burning to light [our children's paths]

the soul of our soul

as the Sun light's glow

was never bright enough to push out the darkness of our prison

whose chains and walls we feel, but can not see

A dream too wild, arising from the beauty of our minds

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams

Standing on the echoing shore

At the end of the world, Stargazing

the light of our bright shining stars

Leading our souls back home

At the core of universe

Ground to the dust

From which we came

Stardust, aren't we all

That peace

which in the end

all life will share

Endless peace of silence undisturbed

Aesthetic Illusion


I fall asleep on the ocean’s bed

To dream where I belong in the kingdom by the sea

Daymare within

No longer I can stay, waking up to face reality

In a moment I seem to be there

Daymare within

Cold it seems

I can hold it only in my dreams

Like a child lost in the play

Nightmare within

No longer I can stay, waking up to face reality

In a moment I seem to be there

Daymare within

Everything will come together

Things we lose have a way

Of coming back to us in the end

Find the strength within

Create your own flower-shaped stars to look upon

No one can take it away from you

Even if no one understands

Always find the strength within

No one can take it away from you

Two-Faced Ghost

It hurts

So never give all the heart

For I gave all the heart and lost

Time only knows the price

We have to pay

Now, more is heard than it's spoken

More is found than it's seen

Within the riddles in the dark

There and back again

Find yourself

For being two faced leads you to the

Evil queen in a magic land

Dark her hair like the winter’s night

Cold her touch like the snow white

Her lover becomes haunted

Within a story to tell

The story of a fragile soul

The story of a two faced ghost

The story of the one who's lost

Love and do what you will

Even though it seems to be a lonely life, it's the one you've chosen

Sphere of thoughts will save your soul

Pure and naked

Like the one of the innocent child

He lost his own, she was his curse and fall

Was it her reflection? Or of a two faced ghost?

Wood Nymph

Once upon a time

A lonely traveller I was

A bird not meant to be caged

Chasing the wind, the moments

Lost in the invisible world

Blame and fear, tears and grief, tragedy

Hide and seek, please stop playing with me

Leave me be, set your passion free

Leave me be, set your passion free

Open up your heart

Let the clouds part

Light the way

Though the skies are forever gray

Tortured and destroyed

Once I used to be

Craved for beauty, slayed by cruelty

A voice of silence whispered again and let me dive in my

Pain of pure wicked shadow gallery


I saw you coming my way

I saw you diving

It’s just too real

Not a dream

Not a vision

It’s just too real

Losing my will

And still

Shed a pale tear

In the silken fringe of my faint eyes

you found the way

How does it feel to be in the play?

A pious poet, enemy

Sweet-scented angel

How does it feel to tell how awful you really are?

All the keys come crowded

In a different way

Be yourself!

Feel no shame!

Clear away the gloom

Tell me where real pain lies

With a quarter moon

Winter wind blew pale

Not a vision

It’s just too real

Losing my will

And still

Shed a pale tear

The Loudest Silence

(Tear our broken lonely souls apart, before distance makes us feel no more)

Scared to fall alone

Scared to walk along

Waiting for moon to shine

Hidden behind the clouds

The scent I felt as a guide

Whisper to me your wish

Tell me where real pain lies

Shatter a thousand dreams

Falling with every step I take

Looking the way out

The doors I’ve closed

As I’m falling down the stairs of life

Side by side, crying

the same old grief

the scent of loneliness

Someone’s here with me

Soul Reflection

At the closing of the day

In snowy white

Down I lay

Upon this falling light

I revived my own

I’d still give all that I am

But don’t want to be your bliss

Take up my turn

Nothing to lose

Never deny your feelings

We’ll never be alone

make a wish

Death cannot divide what life can join together

Make a wish

No more pain inside

lulled by its falling sound

Hope and fear

and our true destiny

No more pain inside

lulled by its falling sound

Desire and Fantasy that sear

My darkness fades away from this cage

And enters deep into you

Take me away and end it all

Beware the fall

Theatre of the Absurd

We used to believe

We used to fight

My fall will bring you peace

I need to stay here

Don't make me let go

It's you who dream and fancy me dead

Don't look back

Don't hide

Open up your mind

Don't look back, don't hide


(Don't let go

Think about what we live and die for)

I have to freeze fears like no one else

Escape this tragic end, disappear forevermore

Open up your mind

Don't look back, don't hide

Make madness go away

Always find your way


(Don't let go

Think about what we live and die for)

Wake Up in My Dream

I'd just lay myself

down on the wind

want to be free

I've touched it with my

innocent thoughts

trying to reach (weight of the air)

Wake up in my dream

I'll show you my wonderland

the real I

If you look through me

you'll see forever

My sorrow will never let you go

You look at me

you feel my lust

my sorrow will never let you go

you look at me

with tears running down…

Still don’t know where I hide

The way I felt long ago

I still feel you so

Lost in stormy visions

Have to pull out the knife that you placed yourself

Rising moon. Haunted.

I drown my own. She started breathing.

Was it my reflection? Am I being haunted by myself?

She drowns herself. I start breathing

Gallery of Wonders

I stop somewhere waiting for you

Silent walking, singing at peace

I'm foolish as much as the wise

A woman as much as a child

But still, what am I

What are you

I exist as I am, that is enough

The old illusion still returns

Gathered leaves

Somewhere in the woods

The old illusion still returns

Short is the time

I need to be free ( I want to stay here)

All liars, all liars

All damn dying liars

You damn weak people

Leave me as I am

Otherwise, just kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me!

Full moon trill still, summer dream it seems

You must be dreaming

Singing at peace

All of us are sentenced to dreaming

But my world is different from your inner demons, charming sadness

I hear the sounds of echoes, coming through the glowing door, sparkling evermore

The perceived dilemma of existence that we all live for